AOIC alexander technique

Stack Theatre, CIT Cork School of Music

Clinician: Mary Shorten


Brought to you by the Association of Irish Choirs


What if how you do is as important as what you do, in terms of freedom, ease and efficiency?

What would your singing or your conducting be like if you learned to use just as much effort as you needed for the task, and no more? This informative introductory talk and demonstration introduced choristers to the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) approach to the Alexander Technique. They learnt some key concepts that could be applied immediately to experience improved mental and physical performance. This work enhances co-ordination and ease in everyday tasks, as well as in more specialised activities, such as music, drama and sport. FM Alexander, an Australian actor, in the process of finding a solution to his vocal difficulties began a life-long study of thinking in relation to movement and performance. By learning more about ourselves and the principles that govern all movement behaviour, we can greatly improve the quality of our performance and the quality of our lives in general.

Freedom, flexibility and ease in performance!

alexander and wordsworth