AOIC Choir Voicing Workshop

Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music

Clinician: Kevin O’Carroll


Brought to you by the Association of Irish Choirs


Are there prominent voices in your choir? Are there voices you never hear? Do each of the voice lines blend as if they were one voice? If you answered Yes, Yes and No to these three questions then it is highly likely that your choir would benefit from a technique known as Choir Voicing. Not to be confused with the classification of voices as Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass, the technique known as Choir Voicing was created to assist in generating the optimal blend of the singers in any given ensemble. One of the country’s leading musicians, conductor David Brophy, has said of this technique “Having attended Kevin O’Carroll’s absorbing presentation I’m fully convinced that all choirs should investigate the potential benefits of utilising this subtle and mysterious technique – they will be surprised at the results!” Kevin has been referred to as ‘The Choir Whisperer” and the Voicing technique has been described as voodoo for choirs! Whether you work with a large amateur group of 120 or an 8 member professional choral ensemble, the technique is equally effective.

The Choir Voicing workshop was a one hour presentation held in an entertaining and collaborative atmosphere where Marylhurst University Chamber Choir were used to demonstrate the technique and explain how it works.  Choir Voicing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the overall sound of a choir.