Coro Monte Penice - Bobbio


Monte Penice choir was founded in 2014 and takes its name from a mountain that is in Northern Italy, halfway between Genoa and Milan. 

This name was chosen because the five members of the group come from the five sides of this mountain and because it symbolically combines the common traits of all the singers: the passion for singing and the desire to be together. 

The objective of the choir is to recover, safeguard, and pass on the traditional local songs of all kinds: religious, popular, alpine, author music, all in polyphony with three or four voices. 

We also perform "hosteria songs", which are songs that retrace stories and experiences of rural life and that were usually sung in the fields while working or in hosterias in convivial moments. The musical structure has three voices: the main voice, called “secondo”, starts with a solo voice, then intervenes the “vocetta” that performs the countermelody and finally the “basso” who create an  
accompanying harmonic effect. A peculiarity of this type of singing and this choir is that there is no director. 

The choir participates every year in many local singing festivals, and has twice participated in the Festival of Alta Pusteria, in South-Tirol, in the years 2017 and 2018. 

The seat of the choir is in Bobbio, a beautiful village on the slopes of Mount Penice which has the honor of hosting the remains of Saint Colombano, the missionary monk born in Navan in 543 d.c. The Irish saint, at the end of a long work of evangelization, arrived in Bobbio in 614 d.c. and founded the monastery which became one of the most important in all of Europe 

Conductor: Alessandro Castagnetti

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Coro Monte Penice - Bobbio