Eller Girls' Choir


Eller Girls` Choir was founded in 2010, when a choir studio emerged at Heino Eller Tartu Music College. Its singers are young women aged 17-24 who study at various high schools or universities in Tartu. Taking part in international competitions and festivals has been an important part of the choir’s activities, alongside with concerts at school and in Tartu. In 2013 the choir won 1st prize in Malta at the International Choir Competition in the youth choirs’ category. In 2015 Eller Girl’s Choir won 1st prize in the youth choirs’ category and 2nd prize in the sacred music category at the International Canta al Mar Competetion in Spain, in addition to being awarded a special prize for their interpretation of “Peace upon you, Jerusalem” by Arvo Pärt. In 2017 the choir took part in City of Derry International Choir Festival and returned with 1st prize, also earning the Bishop’s Gate Hotel Award for an outstanding performance of a work composed before 1750 by performing “Fair Phyllis” by John Farmer. In April 2018 Eller Girls’ Choir won Grand Prix at the 14th Estonian Chamber Choir Festival and in the same year 3rd place at the International Baltic Sea Choir Competition; in July 2019 the choir took part in the Montana International Choral festival. The choir’s repertoire mostly consists of contemporary Estonian and international choral works and Estonian folk music. In October 2021 Eller Girls’ Choir celebrated their 10th birthday. The love for making music together, creating a warm atmosphere on the stage for each other but also for the audience and enjoying each other’s company is the binding force that has kept the choir together all this time. The founder and chief conductor of the choir is Külli Lokko.

Külli Lokko is the head conductor of Eller Girls` Choir and E STuudio Chamber Choir. Külli Lokko works at the Heino Eller Tartu Music College as the manager and conductor of the choral stuudio. Counting from the beginning, more than 800 singers have passed through the E STuudio choirs, which have performed in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Austria, England, Australia, Singapore, Canada, USA and successfully represented Estonia in international choral competition since 2009. During the last 11 years, Külli has entered 38 different competition categories with her choirs and shown amazing results. In the choral stuudio Tartu Music College, Külli Lokko works with girls` choir. Külli Lokko was awarded the title Conductor of the Years 2015 by the Estonian Choral Association and Best Conductor at „Canta al Mar“ in 2015 and „Seghizzi“ in 2016 and Tours International Choral Festival in 2019. In the fall of 2018, Külli opened her own E STuudio Choral and Dance School in Tartu.

Conductor: Külli Lokko

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