Fidelity Sings

International Workplace

Fidelity Sings choir started in Jan 2021 and includes members from 11 locations across the globe.

Our choir members range in singing ability from the novice to the enthusiast, and the underlying ethos of the choir has always been to have fun while singing. The choir brings together people from all levels within the company, from various backgrounds and locations, and flattens the playing field.

The Fidelity Sings global choir have recently won the Ibec Workplace Choir of the Year Award at the 66th Cork International Choral Festival, with the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

We meet regularly on Zoom to practice with our choir director Peter Mannion. Peter is fantastic and sends out amazing learning aids for use at home. The choir members record audio and video on their smartphones, load the files onto a Dropbox location, and Peter & friends do the magic to create some amazing productions.

Conductor: Peter Mannion

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