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Members of the In Sync Choir are employees and volunteers from In Sync Youth and Family Services in Kildare & West Wicklow. We work in administration, youth counselling, family support, addiction services, youth work, and youth information. We are also delighted to have our CEO on board singing alongside us.

The In Sync Choir was formed in July 2021. As we work in an organisation supporting so many families, children and young people with many daily challenges, minding our own mental health and wellbeing is of great importance to us and we see singing together as one way to do this.

We also see it as an opportunity to get to know each other better on a personal level as we work in different parts of the organisation. We initially met and sang on zoom, during Covid restrictions, as a Lunchtime Half Hour Choir. One of our talented colleagues did an amazing job in directing us and keeping us focused. 

Having met on zoom for many weeks and getting fed up of only hearing our own voice, we were determined once 2022 came around to sing in person and the rest is history! We now somehow find ourselves on the way to Cork to sing in the IBEC Choirworks competition in the very capable hands of our Musical Director Ciaran Kelly. Ciaran has helped us to realise we can actually sing and we can even harmonise on occasion! We have come a long way in a short space of time and we are very grateful for the gift of our singing voices. 

Singing together we can make a difference!

Conductor: Ciarán Kelly

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