Jugendchor Liederkranz 1871 e.V. Malsch


This young choir is one of the 4 groups of the great singing community of the „Liederkranz“ Malsch in southern Germany. 

It was founded in 1997 by choir director Matthias Barth to give older children an opportunity for further development. Allowing them to stay in the choral community for longer has helped them become independent. Today they are a wonderful group of young singers with strong affection to their beloved music. 

After having started with some simple pop songs beginning 22 years ago, they offer a varied and versatile repertoire from sacred music to today´s contemporary pop and rock songs in ambitious arrangements, always developing their musicality and increasing their skills. Therefore they are a fountain of joy for their conductor Matthias Barth, who loves to work with them as singers and friends. 

They perform periodically either in their hometown in Malsch in southern Germany or abroad. They have events together with the other groups of the singing community of the „Liederkranz“ as well as outstanding and highly appreciated concerts on their own. 

Some of the greatest achievements of the last years have been the great concert for the 35th anniversary of Matthias Barth as the „Liederkranz“ conductor this November, participation in the Vienna Advent Singing in 2018 and two great concert tours to California and Oregon in the United States in 2007 and 2016. 

Conductor: Matthias Barth

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Jugendchor Liederkranz 1871 e.V. Malsch