NTMA Choir

National Workplace

Performing for our colleagues since December 2015, the NTMA choir is a mixed ability male and female group. Formed to encourage a more collaborate culture across different business units in the organisation, the choir has brought people together who would never have met in the normal course of their working day. The choir has always supported many different cross functional initiatives, and quickly adapted to the virtual world in April 2020. Weekly rehearsals via Zoom led to the production of 7 separate videos that were used by the organisation to support Wellness and Inclusivity & Diversity events over the past two years, including International Women’s Day, LGBT+ Pride month, and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Our annual Christmas performance took place virtually in 2020 and 2021, and staff remained connected to the organisation. The NTMA Choir looks forward to recommencing in-person rehearsals and performances and continues to be flexible to facilitate the future hybrid working environment, for both choir members and colleagues.

Conductor: Duncan Brickenden

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NTMA Choir

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