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The Ron Galilee Choir (which means Song of the Galilee) was formed in 1984, in the Northern part of the State of Israel, by singers living in villages around the Sea of the Galilee. 

Since 1990, the choir has been conducted by maestro Dany Amit who also lives in the region, in the Kinnereth village which is located to the shores of the Sea of Galilee as well. 

Presently, the choir consists of 35 singers, all of them reside in more than 10 different villages, all located in the surrounding of the Sea of Galilee. The choir members meet once a week to sing, rehearse, socialize and enjoy each other’s company. Once in a year we carry out a special memorial meeting to remember and honour our friends from the choir who have passed away throughout the years. 

Ron Galilee’s repertoire is mostly based on Israeli Hebrew songs, but not exclusively. The choir takes part in conferences of various vocal ensembles as well as in different ceremonies held in the area and in other parts of Israel. Once in a while, we also participate in Choral Festivals, mainly in Europe, such as Graz (Austria), St. Petersburg, Riva del Garda, Portugal, Batumi, Riga, Alta Pusteria, etc. 

Dany Amit - Composer and arranger for choirs. 

Born in 1957, in Israel, Dany has been playing musical instruments since the age of 5. 

He graduated from the conservatory, as well as the College for Music Teachers. Later, he attended the Tel Aviv Academy of Music where he graduated the school of Choirs’ Conducting. 

Currently, Dany conducts 5 choirs and one professional vocal ensemble. As a conductor, he has worked with many different choirs in festivals around the world. 

Dany is the founder and Artistic Director of The Jordan Valley International Choir Festival which takes place every year in the Jordan Valley and the Sea of Galilee, in the Northern part of Israel. 

Conductor: Dany Amit

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