Shallaway Youth Choir


Shallaway Youth Choir is an internationally recognized and celebrated organisation that is dedicated to exploring, developing, and celebrating cultural expression through choral music. 

Through our commitment to artistic exploration, and the preservation of our rich cultures, our choristers learn the value of independence, discipline, and confidence, while also gaining a sense of pride and identity – as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians – and as global citizens. 

Founded in 1992, amid the devastating economic recession that resulted from the collapse of the cod fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador, Shallaway Youth Choir will proudly celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022-23. Once a beacon of hope during a challenging time, Shallaway has now become an example of vision and perseverance. Ultimately, in a wider aim to contribute to a vibrant inclusive society, we aspire to empower our young people to be proactive contributors and critical agents of change. Shallaway believes that the very nature and setting of choral music offers the powerful possibility for transformative community building. 

Conductor: Kellie Walsh

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Shallaway Youth Choir