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St. John's Hospital Choir first came together to rehearse in October 2021 as a workplace health and wellbeing project, with the support of the hospital's management team. Under the enthusiastic musical direction of Mr. Jonathan Luxton, the choir meets weekly where multidisciplinary participation is very evident; disciplines which in the normal workplace may have very little interaction. St. John's Hospital is a voluntary acute hospital in the larger HSE University of Limerick Hospital Group and plays a very active role in managing the Covid-19 pandemic locally, caring for acutely unwell Covid-19 patients as well as other medical and surgical admissions. The associated workplace stresses are mitigated by health and wellbeing activities including this choral example of togetherness and joy.

Most hospital departments are represented in the choir; nursing, pharmacy, theatre, maintenance, portering and physiotherapy, offering an opportunity for team involvement and social engagement.

In December 2021 the choir gave its first public performance as part of HSE national virtual Christmas Concert and has also performed in carol services with the local St. John's Brass and Reed band.

In spite of staff rostering challenges, the choir continues to rehearse and look forward to focused performances which maintains the team momentum.

Conductor: Jonathan Luxton

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