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The Coombe Workplace Choir has been in existence for many years. It began as a group of amateur but determined singers who gathered together leading up to Christmas to rehearse carols for the Annual Carol Singing Tour of the hospital wards on Christmas Eve.

Fast forward to 2015 when staff member Lisa Price took over the role of Choir Director on a voluntary basis. Lisa had a track record at this time, with her own Vocal Studio teaching singing to students from children to senior citizens.

Under Lisa’s guidance, the Coombe Workplace Choir met weekly for rehearsals. The membership changed now and then as people left to take up new employment opportunities in other hospitals or who retired.
What didn’t change was the repertoire. Over the past five years, Lisa expanded the repertoire to include Classical, Musical theatre, Contemporary and Traditional Song – and Carols!

In 2018, The Coombe Workplace Choir became semi-finalists in the Workplace Choir of the Year Competition. In 2021, the Choir achieved third place in the Ibec Workplace Choir of the Year Competition at the 67th Cork International Choral Festival. Membership of the choir is presently all female (by accident, not by design!) and includes staff from Midwifery, Laboratory, Chaplaincy, Medical Records, Dietetics, Human Resources, I. T and more.

The Coombe recognises the importance of singing in the lives of their staff as a means of improving workplace wellness. Zoom Singalongs are hosted weekly to release singing endorphins and relieve stress. Working on the front line during a pandemic has been extremely challenging but the Choir have lifted spirits though music and song. Singing unites us!

Conductor: Lisa Price

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