The Rowan Room Choir, St. Michael’s National School

Ireland [Cork]

The ‘Rowan Room Choir’ came into being as part of the Cork Diocesan Church Music Scheme. The choir are the combined 5th and 6th classes from St. Michael’s National School, Blackrock. The children have a weekly choir practice with Robbie Carroll - Assistant Director of Music in St Fin Barre's Cathedral. Choir enables the children to explore different genres of music in a fun and joyful way, and they have performed songs from musicals, pop songs, art songs and the more traditional classical repertoire. The members of the choir have studied music in numerous different languages including English, Gaeilge and Latin. Choir is a wonderful opportunity to learn how song was used to communicate feelings, historical events, enhance storytelling and celebrate religious festivals. Weekly choir practise means the children can develop sensitivity, empathy and teamwork skills in a supportive environment. The members of the choir have described their experiences as inclusive, joyful, and happy. The choir is looking forward to sharing their hard work and team spirit at the Cork International Choral Festival.

Conductor: Robbie Carroll

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The Rowan Room Choir, St. Michael’s National School

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