Applications for participation in the next Cork International Choral Festival are now open!

Closing date for National Competition entries (Ireland’s Choir of the Year, National Schools Competitions, National Open Competitions) is Friday 19th March 2021.

Closing date for National Non-Competitive entries is Friday 19th March 2021.

Ireland's Choir of the Year

This prestigious competition is an important performance and competitive platform for Irish choirs of national standing and offers them the opportunity of comparison with international standards of choral performance. Read more

National Schools Competitions

A platform for schools’ choirs from all over the country – the National Schools Competitions offer an opportunity to compete in Ireland’s foremost choral festival, while seeing, learning from and mingling with the many talented international choirs that also take part. Read more

National Open Competitions

A platform for Youth and Adult choirs from all over the country- the National Open Competitions offers categories including Male, Female & Mixed Voice, Chamber Choir & Ensembles, Youth Choirs and Light, Jazz & Popular Music and Church Music Competition. Read more

National Non-Competitive

If your choir does not wish to enter into competition, you may also consider participating non-competitively as part of the ever popular Afternoons in the Atrium or the Church Visits Programme, or join in The Big Sing which is open to all. This will give your choir the opportunity to be part of a world renowned festival, sing in a friendly atmosphere, attend excellent concerts, and have the opportunity to explore Cork while meeting mingling with other visiting choirs. Read more