01-flori-cantiFlori Canti (France) is a choir from Paris comprising three full choirs: Flori, Canta Lex (composed of members of the Paris Bar) and Sarabande (choir from the suburbs of Paris). Created by Elisabeth Hadjiisky – a psychiatrist with a passion for singing – and a group of friends, Flori Canti now counts more than 50 amateur and professional singers. Under their conductor Tsvetan Dobrev, the choir performs regularly in Paris and many other cities and often participates in competitions abroad.
Tsvetan Dobrev graduated from the State Academy of Music and was among the first composers in Bulgaria to focus on electroacoustic music. As a composer, he has won many prizes including the Grand Prix at the World Competition for Electroacoustic and Digital Music in Varese (Italy). Under his influence, Flori Canti’s repertoire includes polyphonic Bulgarian songs as well as sacred and secular pieces from all over the world.


The Wall of Sound (England) is a vibrant and lively choir based in Vauxhall, London and with sister choir in the East Sussex town of Rye who perform together under the direction of Royal Academy of Music trained singing coach Sandra Scott.
Established four years ago the choirs have grown from a small number of solo singers to a choir of over 20 members. Professionals or not, the enthusiastic singers come together to create a vivacious blend of repertoire, from Contemporary Rock and Pop, to Irish Folk, to World Music, Spirituals to Classical songs with arrangements written by their Musical Director, which create a truly magical approach to songs both well-known and not so. The choir has performed many events over the years, building on itself and ensuring that they have become a confident, professional and versatile team, always entertaining and ever uplifting.



Vokalensemble Crossover (Germany) was founded in 2010 and consists of 8 singers (4 male and 4
female), forming a double quartet. The non-professional group shows a great bandwith in their selection of pieces, which spreads from Renaissance music to “normal” classic or German folk tunes as well as from sacred music to contemporary Jazz and Pop songs.
Almost every review of their concerts describes their musical performance as “amazingly effortless” or “heavenly easy”.
However, their performance is neither a haphazard sampling nor at random, but always following an inner structure, always logical in order and always authentic.
Songs written by Thomas Morley or John Rutter will find their place very naturally besides music performed by Sting, Michael Bublé or Manhattan Transfer. Being a non-professional group, their skills and quality of singing are indeed astounding for the audience.


Century Voice Choir (Taiwan) was founded in April 1992 by Director Lee Jen-Chieh and Conductor Yang Huei-Gong. Over the past years, besides annual public performance, the choir has also put on overseas performances on invitation in many countries all over the world, such as the U.S, Italy, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Russia , Portugal , Denmark and Belgium.
The Choir has also attended various festival programs including holiday celebrations, gospel concerts and philanthropic performances. Their latest achievements include the Gold Medal at the European Choir Games 2013 in Graze, Austria, a remarkable participation in a Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in The Vatican and the 1st Prize at last year’s Festival Singing World in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Through international music festivals and the chance to exchange with other choirs, Century Voice Choir wishes to bring the beautiful music of Taiwan to the world and share it with their international friends.


The Jubilant Gospel Girls (Italy) choir was born in 1997 as a church choir composed of 15 children and directed by then high school students Nicole Papa and Francesco Facconi. During its first years the choir served at Sunday mass but quickly began singing also at wedding ceremonies and performing in concerts. The choir began to study Spiritual and Gospel music very soon and understood that performing as a gospel choir was its true mission.
Twenty years have passed and The Jubilant Gospel Choir has grown both in age and from an artistic point of view. The passion which has brought and kept together the girls and all its collaborators in these years has helped it grow into a big family always ready to experiment new opportunities. After a cherished first Non-Competitive participation at the 2011 Cork International Choral Festival, the choir chose to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Cork this year.



The Athens 18th High School choir (Greece) started operating in September 2010 and today consists of 43 members from all three grades of the school.
The choir repertory includes Greek folk and artistic songs, byzantine hymns, folk songs of other countries and songs of scholar western music.
Apart from few exceptions, the choir members don’t study at conservatories and no audition procedure took place before they were selected for the choir.
The choir rehearsals include drills for the right body standing, exercises of diaphragmatic breathing, exercises of vocal education, exercises of notation reading and singing.
Conducted by musicologist and pianist Makrinou Paraskevi, the choir has showcased their talent in several choir competitions, winning third place in the Mixed Voice Choir category at the International School Choirs Competition in Novi Sad (Serbia) in 2014, and second place in the International Choirs category in the same festival the following year.