Thursday 30th April 2020, 8.00 pm

Cork City Hall
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The award-winning vocal band ONAIR (Berlin, Germany) is one of the shooting stars in the world of a cappella music. They scooped up all of the major international awards in the vocal scene, captivated listeners from Chicago to Taiwan, and sang their way to the top echelon of vocal groups.

ONAIR stands for artful vocal arrangements, groove, an intense energy and stage presence as well as for a strong emotional connection between the singers on stage. And of course for a powerful, transparent and innovative sound design that makes full creative use of today’s technology.

ONAIRs vocal pop show “VOCAL LEGENDS” is an A Cappella tribute to great music by icons such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Queen, Whitney Houston, Coldplay, Linkin Park and many more.

The powerful ONAIR sound, the amazing vocal percussion, the beautiful voices of the singers, each of them a soloist, together blending as one – all this is captivating and touching.

Light and sound merge with the powerful and emotional ONAIR-sound to create an intense show.

VOCAL LEGENDS: A breathtaking Vocal Pop show by ONAIR that will thrill you and will go underneath your skin! Explosive, innovative, dramatic and simply out of this world.

ONAIR are: André Bachmann, Kristofer Benn, Marta Helmin, Jennifer Kothe, Patrick Oliver

“ONAIR defines the future of Pop A Cappella music – the best of Performance Art. They are the perfect combination of voices and personalities. Their instincts seem to be spot on from the team they create to the repertoire in which they invest. I think the universe just beckoned for them to be born. To me, they are the “Cirque Du Soleil” of A Cappella Pop music – completely intriguing, and something you never want to end. They satisfy all of my senses, fulfill my every expectation, and will become the group that every other band will aspire to be likened to; the ultimate compliment. The attention to every minute detail is awesome! Experience them and time will stand still for just a moment – you will be breathless, your heart will race, and your eyes won’t blink. They are full of wonder, surprise, and excitement – devoted, intelligent, driven artists dedicated to the best of quality; besides being nice people. I wish them well.”
Kim Nazarian (New York Voices)
“ONAIR is a remarkable group of vocalists that can only be described as an ensemble that defines a cappella music in the 21st century. One has to experience their style, blend and showmanship to appreciate what contemporary group singing is all about. ONAIR will transform you from an easy listener to an avid fan of their musical excellence.“
Bob Stoloff (Berklee College of Music)
“It was truly inspiring to meet ONAIR. They have a unique tonal quality and a fantastic sense of rhythm. Each member span widely from classic to pop effortlessly. But on top of that they seem to have the essential love and understanding for the music they create. That is the key to music.“
Anders Edenroth (THE REAL GROUP)
“The musical equivalent of one part ballerina, one part breakdancer, ONAIR build intricate, haunting, artful creations and then joyfully both destroy and uplift them with an irresistible explosion of dance pop power. This is the kind of vocal group that ignites the whole genre.“
Jonathan Minkoff (CASA USA, Contemporary A Cappella Society USA)
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