With David Wordsworth

Stack Theatre, CIT Cork School of Music



Singing ShakespeareSinging Shakespeare’ is a year-long project that focuses on choral settings of the Bard from Shakespeare’s own time to the present day. Of particular importance to the project has been music by twentieth/twenty-first century composers, showing that the words of our greatest writer still have the power to inspire the creative muses of our own time. This talk focussed on ‘The Food of Love’ – a collection of four books of Shakespeare Songs for female, male and mixed voices commissioned from the acclaimed British composer Gary Carpenter; ‘Three Shakespeare Songs’ (for children’s voices) commissioned from Toby Young and David Wordsworth’s own‘Shakespeare Choral Anthology’ published by Novello that includes new and recent pieces by John Joubert, Pawel Lukaszewski, Matthew Harris, Libby Larsen and Stephen Sondheim, amongst many others.