65th Cork International Choral Festival - Last call for applications!

  Happy October folks! Things are ramping up in Festival HQ as we approach the end of October - it's…

19 October 2018


Happy October folks!

Things are ramping up in Festival HQ as we approach the end of October - it's all go! Choir applications are coming in by the bucket-load and the Festival team is working extra hard to to make sure the 65th Cork International Choral Festival is the best one yet.

While you read, International applications are still open for 2019 and beyond, and if you have any queries, don't hesitate - get in touch! Our team will be delighted to answer all your questions and help you through the application process.

Make sure you check out the details below to get more information on both the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition and our Non-Competitive strand, or download our International Syllabus.


Fleischmann International Trophy Competition

Each year some of the finest amateur choirs are selected to compete for the prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy. The selected choirs will also be scheduled for a range of additional festival activities throughout the week including fringe concerts, church and informal performances. A Meet and Greet session and a nightly Festival Club is organised to allow participants to get to know each other and to meet in a convivial social setting.

Application deadline: 31st October 2018

For more details: Fleischmann International Trophy Competition


Non-Competitive Participation

Each year a number of international choirs are selected to participate in the non-competitive strand of the Festival. Participating non-competitively gives choirs the opportunity to present informal performances in various locations across the city, while having the possibility to meet with other choirs, see some of Ireland’s beautiful countryside, attend some of the festival events, sing, mingle, and soak up the festival atmosphere here in Cork.

Applications deadline: 30th November 2018

For more details: Non-Competitive Participation


Don't delay - download our International Syllabus to get your applications in!

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