International Non-Competitive Participation

Applications are now open for International Non-Competitive Participation in the 2022 Festival and beyond.

Each year a number of international choirs are selected to participate in the non-competitive strand of the Festival. Participating non-competitively gives choirs the opportunity to present informal performances in various locations across the city, while having the possibility to meet with other choirs, see some of Ireland’s beautiful countryside, attend some of the festival events, sing, mingle, and soak up the festival atmosphere here in Cork.

The Festival is very flexible in terms of programming non-competitive choirs, and they are free to organize their own tourist activities while here.

As well as foreign choirs, the Festival annually welcomes approximately 100 adult, youth and school choirs from all across Ireland. Overall, the Festival attracts some 5000 participants. With a wide-ranging programme featuring world-class performances in its Gala Concerts, and Fringe Concerts, the festival also features an important Choral Symposium, New Commissions, Workshops, Masterclasses, National Competitions, Festival Club, and a wide-ranging outreach programme incorporating its Choral Trail, Sacred Trail, Meet and Greets, and a Big Sing. The Cork International Choral Festival brings Cork to life for a celebration of the best of choral music in all its many forms.

Non-competitive choirs are free to organise their own tourist activities while here, but are asked to please keep the Festival office informed as their itinerary comes together to ensure that no time-tabling cross over occurs. The Festival is very flexible in terms of programming non-competitive choirs, and while we would be happy to schedule up to 2 to 3 informal performances per day for each choir, we would also encourage you to highlight any specific requests in relation to your schedule you may have at this time.

The Festival offers the following range of activities to visiting non-competitive choirs:

• Various informal public performances as part of the Festival’s popular Choral Trail

• A performance at a mass or church service in one of the city’s churches as part of the Festival’s Sacred Trail (Appropriate sacred repertoire to apply).

• A performance opportunity to meet your fellow choirs at the Festival’s successful Meet and Greet Sessions

• A performance at the Festival’s Afternoons in the Atrium.

• A performance, on a selected basis, in one of the Festival’s concerts, or national competition sessions.

Applications can be submitted online by completing the form available at the bottom of the page.

Each choir is required to forward:

1. A completed application form (choir details + repertoire details)
2. Digital or CD recordings of the choir (min. 3 pieces).
3. A digital short history of the choir detailing activities and achievements, in English (approx 250 words). 
4. Two digital photographs of the choir (at least 1MB in size, print resolution or 300dpi) suitable for publicity purposes.
6. Receipt of payment of entry fee (See Entry Fees)

All elements of the application and supporting documents must be received by the Festival Office, by 17th December 2021 to secure your application. Should the choir not be in a position to upload all the specified support materials, the choir must forward them to the Festival office by post by the application closing date.

Support materials can be submitted by post to:

Civic Trust House
50 Pope’s Quay
Cork, Ireland

Early applications are welcome, and we will be happy to provide an early confirmation to choirs.

Only applications enclosing all of the requirements detailed under Application Procedure will be considered. Choirs are selected on the basis of their application material. The final selection of choirs remains with the Cork International Choral Festival.

The administration fee for non-competitive participation is €30 per participant (including the conductor). A minimum fee of €200 per ensemble will apply. This fee will cover your choir’s participation fee, festival accreditation, an assigned ‘fáilteoir’ (Festival welcomer and liaison); your official Festival Badge, special choir discounts to Festival Events and specially negotiated accommodation rates.

The entry fee must be paid by bank transfer to the Cork International Choral Festival’s account by the closing date of applications. Choirs are responsible for all related bank charges. The entry fee minus any bank transfer charges will be refunded to those choirs who are not selected for non-competitive participation. Any increase/decrease in participant numbers will be settled on arrival at the Festival.

Bank details
Recipient: Cork International Choral Festival
Bank: Allied Irish Banks plc, Patrick’s Street, Cork, Ireland
IBAN: IE85 AIBK 9341 5105 1954 48
Account Number: 05195448
Sort Code: 93 41 51
NOTE: Please ensure that the name of choir and contact details are noted on bank transfer.

The Festival does not contribute to a choir’s travel costs to and from Cork.

Local transport

Bus transportation will be provided to choirs as follows:

  1. The Festival will provide transportation, as it deems appropriate, to scheduled performance venues within the city limits at no cost to choirs.
  2. The Festival will, if required, organise bus transport to choirs on their arrival, from Cork Airport to their accommodation, at a cost of €5 per person.
  3. The Festival will, if required, organise bus transport to choirs on their departure, from their accommodation to Cork Airport, at a cost of €5 per person.
  4. A charge may apply to choirs who are offered, and accept, an option of additional performances outside the city limits requiring bus transportation. This charge to be agreed in advance of arrival in Cork.
  5. The Festival is in a position to facilitate choirs in recommending the services of its transport partner if a choir has any other transport requests.

Participating choirs are responsible for all matters related to the organisation, booking, and payment of all accommodation and meals during their stay in Cork. A comprehensive list of specially negotiated accommodation options in varied price ranges (including Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels) is available at this page. The Festival is not responsible for any booking issues that may arise.

 It is a condition of participation that a choir agrees that:

  • Any performance it gives during the Festival may be photographed, broadcast live and/or recorded for subsequent reproduction and/or broadcast on radio/television/internet without payment to the choir.
  • All broadcasting and photographic rights to any performance at the Festival shall belong to the Festival which will be free to dispose of them or utilise them in promotional materials as it sees fit. It is the duty of all choirs with members under 18 years of age to ensure that informed consent is sought from young people and their parents/carers is this regard.
  • Any performance it gives during the Festival may, without payment, be recorded and the Festival shall be entitled to possession of any such recording and shall further be entitled to reproduce any such recording and to sell, let for hire, offer or exposure for sale or hire, distribute or otherwise dispose of any recording or reproduction of recording of any such performance in any manner as it sees fit.
  1. The Festival accepts no legal responsibility whatsoever in respect of anything pertaining to a choir’s articipation in the Festival.
  2. Administration fee (minus any bank charges incurred) will be refunded if a choir is not selected.
  3. If, subsequent to selection, a choir/ensemble withdraws from Non-Competitive participation a 50% refund less bank charges will apply up to 31st December. No refund will apply after this date.
  4. The Festival accepts no responsibility or liability for accommodation and meal costs incurred by the choir.
  5. The Festival accepts no responsibility for any expense incurred by any choir or individual chorister participating in the Festival.
  6. The Festival reserves the right to change its dates in the event that a concert, or other public event or any circumstance outside the control of the Festival renders it impracticable to hold the festival on the scheduled dates.
  7. It is contrary to law to perform music that has been reproduced illegally. Should a choir do so, the Festival accepts no responsibility for any action taken by the copyright owners.
  8. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the rules and regulations.

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