Mixed choir Bangotne, the oldest amateur group in Saulkrasti municipality, was founded in 1951. The choir Bangotne is closely associated with its former long-time conductor, Jānis Veismanis, a music educator and Grand Prize winner of Saulkrasti. He nurtured and shaped the choir's traditions and took care of its sound for 47 years, from 1962 to 2009.

The name Bangotne, derived from the Latvian word for 'something' or 'a place that billows,' reflects the influence of the sea billows and surges on the Saulkrasti municipality, situated along the seashore. This name was officially adopted in 1976, on the 25th anniversary of the choir.

Throughout its creative journey, the choir has achieved various accolades in Riga district choir competitions and earned a spot in the final competition of Latvian choirs. Bangotne has actively participated in concerts in Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine, as well as choir festivals in Hungary, Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. They also visited their compatriots in England in 1999 and represented Latvia at the exhibition of European cultural achievements in Luxembourg in 2004.

In the year of the 150th anniversary of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival (2023), conductors Iveta Rīsmane-Lūse and Inguna Rijniece took over the reins of Bangotne, adding new members to the choir. The choir has actively engaged in events organized by the Saulkrasti municipality, performing concerts with twinning choirs and hosting guest singers in their homes. They successfully participated in the Song Festival competition and were part of the XXVII Nationwide Latvian Song Festival.

With joy and passion, the choir has continued its musical journey for 73 years.

Conductor: Iveta Rīsmane-Lūse

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