Bel Chorus


The male choir Bel Chorus comes from the little coastal town, Harstad, in Northern Norway. Dag Erik Enoksen has been their conductor from the start. He was also initiator for the foundation of the choir on January 9th 2000. Today Bel Chorus have 26 singers. Their repertoire consists of songs from many different music styles; folk music, classical sacred and religious music, national romantic, pop and entertainment music, musicals, jazz etc.

Bel Chorus has produced and toured with musical shows in their part of Norway. They have performed concerts in Northern Norway and many European countries, participated on music festivals, made CD-albums and also had musical cooperation with internationally recognized Norwegian musicians.

During the last years Bel Chorus has participated in competitions for choirs in European countries. They have achieved great results with gold diplomas, a special prizes and high scores.

Both the choir’s temperament, humour and some of their songs are inspired by Northern Norwegian scenery and culture. Bel Chorus is known for performing with high quality, universality, audience appeal and are very focused on enthusing their listeners and giving them a memorable experience.

Conductor: Dag Erik Enoksen

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Bel Chorus