Namdal Vokalensemble


The ensemble was started by Tor Halvard Nilsen in the autumn of 2014 with the goal of showing that it is possible to form a choir of high quality, also in a sparsely populated region.

After laying stone upon stone in the early years, the ensemble has left its mark both at home and abroad, participating to gold in both the Derry International Choir Festival 2018 (Ireland) and the World Choir Games 2021 (Hong Kong), as well as having participated in internet festivals in Colombia and Spain during 2020-21. In 2019, the ensemble premiered the Namsos composer Terje Adde's "Requiem", and received Namsos municipality's culture prize for 2021.

The ensemble currently has 23 members from the entire Namdal area in middle of Norway.

In 2023, the choir participated in the Gdansk International Choral Festival, bringing home a 3rd place in category A.

Conductor: Tor Halvard Nilsen

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Namdal Vokalensemble