Choirs At The Sirius Arts Centre

1:10 pm
Free Admission
Friday 28th April, 1.10pm
1:10 pm
Sirius Arts Centre
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Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, County Cork facilitates the production and presentation of,and public engagement with, art and knowledge, and offers professional development opportunities to artists through commissions and residencies. It operates across all art forms, programming a mix of exhibitions, performances, events, activities, and publications both on-site and online.


Coro Monte Penice [ITALY]
Ave Maria - Bepi De Marzi
Porta Calavena - Bepi De Marzi
La montanara - Toni Ortelli and Luigi
Balla Marietta - Bepi De Marzi
Nannedduu Meu - Peppino Mereu and
Tonino Puddu
La Barbiera - Trad.

Dameskoor Furiosa [BELGIUM]
Kaipaava - Trad., Finland
Nocturne - Eric Tuan
Ta na Solbici - Samo Vovk
Song Of Hope - Susanna Lindmark

1:10 pm

Choirs & Guests

Choirs At The Sirius Arts Centre