Choirs at The Goldie Chapel (Thursday)

11:00 am
Free Admission
Thursday 27th April, 11am
11:00 am
The Goldie Chapel
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The beautiful high Victorian chapel in the heart of Nano Nagle Place is one of Cork’s most intimate venues. The chapel was designed by architect George Goldie in 1865 and retains the layout of a convent chapel with stalls arranged around the nave. The architecture is intended to enhance the sound of singing voices, making it the perfect place to hear a great choir in action.

Bergen Mannskor [NORWAY]

Ve no velkomne med æra - Geirr Tveitt (1908-1981), arr. Frank Havrøy (b. 1969)
Norges Fjeld - Henrik Wergeland & Halfdan Kjerulf (1815-1868)

Vackra Flickor - Allan Nilsson & Norman Luboff (1917-1987)

Olav Tryggvasson - Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson & F. A. Reissiger (1809-1883)
Gambriniusvisen - Arr. Julius Harildstad (b. 1947)

I midnatsolen - Alf Wold & Sture Woldøen (1909-1996)

Vårmarsj - Håkon Brekke (1926-1993)

Prayer of the Children - Kurt Bestor (b. 1958)

Min Gud hvi har du forlatt mig - Ingebret Haaland & Vater Aamodt (1902-1989)

Jesus din søte forening å smake - Norwegian Folk Song, arr. Knut Nystedt (1915-2014)

I Will Praise Thee, O Lord - Knut Nystedt (1915-2014)

Londonderry Air - Irish Folk Song, arr. Gwyn Arch (1931-2001)

Ave Maria - Franz Biebel (1906-2001)

Soon Ah Will Be Done - Spiritual, arr. William Dawson (1899-1990)

11:00 am

Choirs & Guests

Choirs at The Goldie Chapel (Thursday)