Applications for the 2021 competition are now closed!

For the first time this year we are launching a new National A Cappella Video Competition in which choirs can enter without needing to travel to Cork! We are inviting you to submit a video in performance of your choir to be judged by our international jury, either in the form of an unpublished video of a live performance, or by compiling a virtual performance made up of individual choir members’ videos. The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony of the Cork International Choral Festival.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of all the rules and regulations included in the National Syllabus.

Download National Syllabus


• Closing date for receipt of completed applications is 19th March of the same year.
• Open to any national choir from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
• The choir is not requested to travel to Cork to participate in the competition.
• The video can either be of a live performance or of a virtual performance compiled of individual choir members’ videos. These two types of video will be entered into different categories and will not be competing against each other.
• Competition categories are:
– Female/Upper Voices
– Lower/Male Voices
– Children’s Voices (all singers must be under 18 years of age)
– Mixed Voices
• Minimum 3 voices / No maximum.
• Each choir can enter only one competition category.
• The video should not have been published previously. After 2nd May 2021 the choir can upload the competition video on their own online channels.
• There should be no verbal announcements at any point during the presentation.
• Should a high number of entries be received, the Festival reserves the right to shortlist finalists.
• Depending on the number of entries received, the Festival reserves the right to adjust the competition categories.
• Finalists will be judged by our international jury.

Repertoire requirements

The repertoire should be one piece of your choice and a cappella. The five-member international jury allocates marks for the technical and artistic quality of the piece and the overall quality of its performance.

Application procedure

Applications can be submitted using the form below.

Each choir is required to forward by 19th March of the same year:

  • An online completed application form.
  • Competition video (max 2GB) to be submitted via WeTransfer to WeTransfer is free and allows you to send up to 2GB.
  • A digital short history of the choir detailing activities and achievements, in English (approx 250 words).
  • Two digital photographs of the choir (at least 1MB in size, print resolution or 300dpi) suitable for publicity purposes.
  • Receipt of payment of entry fee of €20 (See “Entry Fees”)

    Choir details

    Competition category

    Bank Details

    If you win, we will pay your cash prize into your bank account. Please provide your banking details here:

    Repertoire Details

    Competiton Video

    - Please name your video file with your choir name.
    - Go to add your file (max file size 2GB)
    - Enter your email address and send the file to Please indicate the name of your choir in ‘Message’ and click ‘Transfer’.

    Choir biography

    Choir photo



    Final checklist

    By submitting this form, I confirm that my application includes all of the following support materials, and that they will be received by the Cork International Choral Festival office, either online or by post, no later than 19th March of the same year:
    - A complete application form
    - Details of the choir’s proposed competition piece (see “Repertoire Requirements”)
    - The choir's competition video (to be submitted via WeTransfer)
    - A history of the choir detailing activities and achievements, in English (approx. 250 words)
    - Two recent photographs of the choir (min. 1MB, print resolution) for publicity purposes
    - Receipt of payment of entry fee of €20 (see "Entry Fees").