Announcement time!

We are so excited to announce the international choirs that will participate in the non-competitive strand of the 2019 Cork International Choral Festival!
We look forward to welcoming them to Cork for an unforgettable 65th festival 🎶

Cheep Trill, Australia
Sing For Your Life! Choir, Australia
The European School of Brussels (UCCLE) Secondary Choir, Belgium
øre-sound, Denmark
Choeur Azimuts, France

In the coming weeks we will introduce each of the choirs in the Biographies area. Stay tuned!

A reminder that closing date for National Competition entries (Ireland’s Choir of the Year, National Schools Competitions, National Open Competitions) is Friday 18th January 2019, and closing date for National Non-Competitive entries is Friday 15th February 2019. Don’t delay – get in touch at